Artist of San Denis d'Oléron, Bonamy Jean Louis was born in 1950 in the famous, based on novels by Dumas, Rochefort near La Rochelle. He received his professional education, graduating with honors from the School of Decorative Arts named Iv Derval in Surgères and the Higher School of Modern Art in Paris.

Jean-Louis Bonamy works in his studio and paints for almost thirty-five years. During this time he experimented with sculptures and painted with oil on glass and even under glass, oil on wood and different types of pastels, but now works primarily in oil on canvas.

Today, the favorite style of the artist - Art figurative+futur, he developed his view of an abstract image of the architecture and style of expression of images that can be seen on the gallery page of the site.

Jean Louis Bonamy repeatedly exhibited his work in Paris: it's Salon Art-France San Martan Thuile gallery, Art gallery Prezant, la Bastille and GMAC Chatou, and International Art Salon in Lyons, Art-Atlantic to La Rochelle salon du Puy-en-Velay Centre French salon painters and designers Spring Cognac gallery Shay in Honfleur Arcangues in Royan Pontayak gallery Senac-de-meyan island d * Ore Gallery Vladimir Rustinoff in Saint-Paul-de -Vans other.

The artist has participated with their works in several auctions: eg art auction in Dinard Brittany and Dominic Steel in Strasbourg.

Jean Louis Bonamy - Member of the House of Artists in France, a reference to his name is in the Encyclopedic Dictionary Drouot 2008 and also a member of the International Association Internationale Ambre-in Sophie Antipolis.